Announcing Project ’58!

It’s fairly common knowledge that I love single pickup guitars, as I’m sure you can tell by looking at my work.  I was talking to Doug Myer of Mountain Cat Guitars one day and we discovered that we both were huge fans of Gibson Les Paul Junior double-cuts.  Doug has been in the New York vintage guitar business for a lot of years and has played a lot of Juniors.  So many in fact, that he (like other die-hard Junior fanatics) has discovered that 1958 was a great year for double-cuts.  As if that weren’t specific enough, there is a particular neck profile on some of the ’58s that is highly sought after.  To make a long story short, Doug just happened to have kept a Jr with the neck profile in his personal collection, and that’s when “the plan” was born!  We would build our version of this classic, but with a few modern improvements that almost all players made back in the day, before anyone realized they were modifying what would one day become a highly collectible guitar.  Stay tuned!

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