Headstocks ready for black veneer

I like to use thin veneer on angled headstocks.  It looks great with just clear coats, and helps with coverage if black paint is the final plan.  It’s a little more work, but you know…

Lunchtime Super Bee Spotting

Mrs. Potvin Guitars and I were out for lunch yesterday when I spotted this beauty across the parking lot.  For the non-muscle car afflicted among you, this an example of the Super Bee that my Super Bee guitars got their name from!

Jupiters in the Paint Booth

These are just a couple of quick pictures to show the first korina Jupiters in the paint booth.  One piece bodies and that classic 50’s korina amber are going to look fantastic on these!

Jupiters ready for paint

Here’s a quick look at some of the first batch of Jupiters before the head out to Protocaster for paint and aging. Visit the Jupiter model page for full specs, photos and video.

Introducing the Potvin Jupiter!

The Potvin Jupiter came about as a result of my love for the holy trinity of Gibson 50’s wackyness: the Flying V, the Explorer and the Moderne. Maybe it’s the retro yet space-age design, or possibly it’s the korina (white limba) from which they’re made… I’m not sure. It’s what lead me to do the […]

Mercury Jr

Here’s a Junior version of the Mercury that features a carved top and a vintage cherry satin finish.  The grain is not filled, but has been highlighted with black.  The un-filled grain has a very organic feel and along with the subtly carved top make this Jr very comfortable to play. This one has a […]

Mercury carved top video

Here’s the first video of the new carved top version of the Mercury.  This video was shot during the 2012 Montreal Guitar Show where the carved tops made their debut.

Custom BMW Mercury Completed

A while back I made a quick post about a request I had to give my Mercury model the “Beamer treatment” (click here to read it).  There are more details and photos below, but to make a long story short, the guitar was completed and handed off at the 2012 Montreal Guitar Show.  Mark even […]

Beamer Mercury

I get more requests over the years to do wacky/fun customizations to my Mercury model than you can shake a stick at!  This is the start of a custom Mercury that’s getting the “Beamer treatment”. UPDATE: You can read a post and see photos of the completed guitar by clicking here.

Something new in the pickup department

Here’s a fun twist on my Ranchero model.  Instead of P90s, how about some TV Jones Power’Trons with a P90 footprint?  It’ll be a while yet before we hear the results of the Power’Tron/Korina pairing, but I suspect it’s going to be killer.  Stay tuned.