Introducing the Potvin Jupiter!

The Potvin Jupiter came about as a result of my love for the holy trinity of Gibson 50’s wackyness: the Flying V, the Explorer and the Moderne. Maybe it’s the retro yet space-age design, or possibly it’s the korina (white limba) from which they’re made… I’m not sure. It’s what lead me to do the korina version of my Mercury model which I imagined as the missing fourth member of the family.  If you study these three guitars and their history you’ll know that one of them (the Explorer) had an earlier incarnation known as the Futura.  No one knows if the Futura ever really existed, or why it morphed into the Explorer we know today.

With the assistance of some very talented friends (most notably the good folks at Protocaster Guitars) I am very pleased to present my take on the mythic classic from the past.

Check the Jupiter model page for complete specs, more photos and video.

Potvin Jupiter (mahogany)

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