Mashup Hybrid Guitar Building Templates

Mashups.  Hybrids.  Mix and match.  Call them what you want, but when you take features from a few different guitar models and combine them, you get awesome results. As part of my guitar building template selection, I’m very excited to offer a selection of Mashups, with more on the way.

Potvin hybrid guitar building template samples

Mashups are a great way to leverage your existing investment in Potvin Guitar Templates.  The Mashups are a selection of standalone bodies and pickguards that work with the neck / neck pocket templates available in my bolt-on line of templates.  In other words, if you own a full Potvin T-Style template set, you already have a neck and neck pocket template that work with any Mashup!  If you don’t own the neck / pocket templates, don’t worry, they’re available separately.  Buy them once and use them with any Mashup.

Head over to the store and explore the Mashup selection as well as the companion templates, then get started building your own custom Mashup!  If you have any questions about Mashups (parts compatibility, custom options etc) just get in touch.

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