Mercury Jr

Here’s a Junior version of the Mercury that features a carved top and a vintage cherry satin finish.  The grain is not filled, but has been highlighted with black.  The un-filled grain has a very organic feel and along with the subtly carved top make this Jr very comfortable to play. This one has a […]

Mercury carved top video

Here’s the first video of the new carved top version of the Mercury.  This video was shot during the 2012 Montreal Guitar Show where the carved tops made their debut.

Custom BMW Mercury Completed

A while back I made a quick post about a request I had to give my Mercury model the “Beamer treatment” (click here to read it).  There are more details and photos below, but to make a long story short, the guitar was completed and handed off at the 2012 Montreal Guitar Show.  Mark even […]

Beamer Mercury

I get more requests over the years to do wacky/fun customizations to my Mercury model than you can shake a stick at!  This is the start of a custom Mercury that’s getting the “Beamer treatment”. UPDATE: You can read a post and see photos of the completed guitar by clicking here.