Ranchero Jr Blackguard – Full Circle

It’s been 10 years since I built the first version of a guitar that I would later name The Ranchero.  Many variations of the soon-to-be Ranchero came out of the Potvin Guitars skunk works until finally, in 2009, I unveiled the first “official” Ranchero at the Montreal Guitar Show.  Many things have changed since that 2009 version, but the […]

Something new in the pickup department

Here’s a fun twist on my Ranchero model.  Instead of P90s, how about some TV Jones Power’Trons with a P90 footprint?  It’ll be a while yet before we hear the results of the Power’Tron/Korina pairing, but I suspect it’s going to be killer.  Stay tuned.

Workshop: Two korina Ranchero Grandes

A couple of korina Rancheros on the bench. Nice straight grain, even a little flame! They were lightweight to start with, but with the chamber under the pickguard they clock in at 4lbs/3.4lbs.