The Super Bee Family Is Growing!

This new member of the Super Bee Series has been working it’s way through the Potvin Guitars skunkworks for quite some time!  I’m normally a fan of Bigsby vibratos, but a Strat style trem really just seems to suit the Super Bee vibe. This is a poplar test body that needs a few more improvements, but […]

Super Bee Updates

The Super Bee models are getting some tweaks!  All versions will now have a deeper cutaway for better upper fret access.  Here’s my son’s heavily played original Super Bee prototype and a new deeper cutaway version in progress.  Stay tuned for more changes! Visit the Super Bee Model page for complete specs, pricing and more pictures.

Lunchtime Super Bee Spotting

Mrs. Potvin Guitars and I were out for lunch yesterday when I spotted this beauty across the parking lot.  For the non-muscle car afflicted among you, this an example of the Super Bee that my Super Bee guitars got their name from!

Super Bee video – Montreal Guitar Show 2011

Brice Delage from was at the Montreal Guitar Show and he took the Super Bee for a quick spin in one of the amp rooms.  Brice did a fantastic job of showing off the versatility of the three P90s.  Thanks Brice!