Workshop Vault: Retro Slide Thang Part 2

In Part 1 of the build, I left off after just having completed the truss rod slot and fretboard preparation. As luck would have it, the truss rods I have have are meant for 24.75″ or 25.5″ necks, so on this project it just barely fits given the shorter scale length. I would normally make Fender […]

Workshop Vault: Retro Slide Thang Part 1

Nothin’ But a Slide ‘ThangMy idea for this project was to design and build something geared towards playing slide guitar.  My inspirations were those old student-model or Sears catalog guitars of the 1950’s.  They’re often of such suspect quality that they can only be used for slide because of neck issues.  Hey, lay off! Not having a truss rod can do […]

Workshop Vault

A Long Time Ago, in a Shop Far Far AwayYears ago, when it seemed I had more time, I would post photo logs on my website of whatever guitars I was building.  I found that type of build thread extremely valuable when I was first trying to learn how to build a guitar.Apparently you found […]