The Super Bee Family Is Growing!

This new member of the Super Bee Series has been working it’s way through the Potvin Guitars skunkworks for quite some time!  I’m normally a fan of Bigsby vibratos, but a Strat style trem really just seems to suit the Super Bee vibe. This is a poplar test body that needs a few more improvements, but […]

Super Bee Updates

The Super Bee models are getting some tweaks!  All versions will now have a deeper cutaway for better upper fret access.  Here’s my son’s heavily played original Super Bee prototype and a new deeper cutaway version in progress.  Stay tuned for more changes! Visit the Super Bee Model page for complete specs, pricing and more pictures.

El Caminos on the Workbench

Here’s a partial batch of El Camino ’58s having their necks fitted.  From this point on, each neck only fits the body it’s been paired with.

New Headstock Shape For 2014!

I already updated my 6 in-line headstock shape earlier this year, so I decided to add a new 3+3 as well!  These are part of the first batch of necks to sport the new look.  You can expect to see this headstock show up on future El Camino, Mercury and Super Bee models.  The Jupiter will still be […]

Headstocks ready for black veneer

I like to use thin veneer on angled headstocks.  It looks great with just clear coats, and helps with coverage if black paint is the final plan.  It’s a little more work, but you know…

Jupiters in the Paint Booth

These are just a couple of quick pictures to show the first korina Jupiters in the paint booth.  One piece bodies and that classic 50’s korina amber are going to look fantastic on these!

Jupiters ready for paint

Here’s a quick look at some of the first batch of Jupiters before the head out to Protocaster for paint and aging. Visit the Jupiter model page for full specs, photos and video.

Something new in the pickup department

Here’s a fun twist on my Ranchero model.  Instead of P90s, how about some TV Jones Power’Trons with a P90 footprint?  It’ll be a while yet before we hear the results of the Power’Tron/Korina pairing, but I suspect it’s going to be killer.  Stay tuned.