Workshop: Two korina Ranchero Grandes

A couple of korina Rancheros on the bench. Nice straight grain, even a little flame! They were lightweight to start with, but with the chamber under the pickguard they clock in at 4lbs/3.4lbs.

Adam’s Pelham Blue ’58 model

Adam over at Satellite Amplifiers and I have been threatening to work on a project for each other for a while, but it’s finally coming together.  Adam was part of the double cut Les Paul Junior aficionados brain-trust that helped finalize the neck shape on my El Camino ’58 model.   He had an idea for a […]

Project ’58 – when life gives you lemons…

Well folks, a small change in plans has come up. I just wasn’t happy with the two TV yellow Project 58’s I had in progress (I’m really anal about stuff like applying finishes). Since I apply colour to the raw wood for TV yellow, it’s really difficult to correct a paint job I’m not happy […]

Project ’58 – TV Yellow

So the plan calls for the first batch of four Project ’58s to consist of 2 cherry red and 2 TV yellow.  It’s time to start on the yellow ones.  For my version of an old school TV finish, I wipe white pigment right onto the raw wood.

Project ’58 – Headstock logos

I just got the headstock logos for this project and they look great!  I’m catching up on build photos, so here are a few more quick snaps of necks being glued in and a quick intonation check before final sanding and paint.

Project ’58 – It Begins!

If you don’t know what Project ’58 is all about, check out this post. I’m a bit late posting this so there’s a fair bit of progress that’s taken place.  A lot of the work to date has been in creating jigs required for this model.  In some cases, my exising ones were usable and […]

Project ’58 – Forensics

If you don’t know what Project ’58 is all about, check out this post. Doug (in an AMAZING show of faith in his shipping guy) sent me his 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior double-cut for me to have a look at.  Being the guitar geek I am, I had to play it first!  Having that […]