Workshop Vault

A Long Time Ago, in a Shop Far Far Away

Years ago, when it seemed I had more time, I would post photo logs on my website of whatever guitars I was building.  I found that type of build thread extremely valuable when I was first trying to learn how to build a guitar.

Apparently you found it valuable too, because over the years I've received a lot of email about those build logs. "Why did you do [thing] before [other thing]"? "What was that jig you used"?  "Where can I get..."?

I did away with the logs after my first website redesign, and that triggered an avalanche of emails from people telling me they had learned how to build guitars from reading those posts!  There were dead links to my website from guitar building forums all over the internet.  Apparently I had started something.  So I had to keep the old logs online, tucked away behind the scenes of the shiny new website.  I just redesigned my website yet again, and it seemed like there had to be a better way...

Welcome to the Vault

The Workshop Vault is my way of dragging those build logs (warts and all) into the spotlight for all of you interested in guitar building.   The goal is for this information to be easier to find, search and refer to.  

Ask Mike

If you have any questions (yes, I see you over there with your hand up), you can always contact me by email. If guitars or guitar building are your kind of thing, why not follow me on Instagram (@potvinguitars) or on Facebook

See you in The Vault

Prepare yourself for the mother-of-all throwback Thursdays as we revisit my old shop, bad photography and whatever crazy ideas I was working on all those years ago.  It'll be fun, trust me... I'm a luthier.


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