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About Potvin Guitars

Potvin Guitars is me, Mike Potvin. I’m a one-man shop building electric guitars in Ottawa Canada since 2008.  I had been building part-time since 2003 when an “opportunity” to leave behind a career as a high-tech propeller-head presented itself and I jumped at the chance.  I love all things vintage and have a bit of an obsession with muscle cars.  My guitars are inspired by vintage classics, but I also have some original designs that I’m really proud of.  Have a look around, and get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Designing and building guitars is something I do because I love it in every sense of the word. If I didn’t make my living as a professional luthier, I have no doubt that I would still spend countless hours in my workshop improving my existing designs, and tinkering with new ones.

Mike Potvin

The Longer Version

Mike Potvin founded Potvin Guitars in 2008.  From his one-man shop located in Ottawa Canada, Mike builds world-class electric guitars in both vintage-inspired and original designs.

Mike is known for immersing himself in the history of a classic instrument while designing and building his modern interpretation.  His El Camino (Project ’58) and Jupiter models have received high praise from players and other builders around the world.  He is also known for his love of vintage muscle cars which he has infused into the Super Bee Series of models.

With a reputation for extremely high build quality and an emphasis on playability, Mike was invited to exhibit each year at the prestigious Montreal International Guitar Show.  Sadly the Montreal show is no more. Mike has also attended the invitation-only Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin Germany.

Although there are standard models available from Potvin Guitars, Mike is constantly working on something new. The Potvin Guitars Skunk Works is where he tinkers with design ideas, wood combinations, new hardware etc, often producing unique one-off instruments.  The Skunk Works is really the continuation of his love for the craft of guitar design and building. Many times these science experiments involve collaborating with some of the many other craftsmen in the small builder community that he has forged a friendship with.  From other builders to pickup winders to painters, Mike knows that great things can happen when two artists collaborate.

Potvin Guitars also offers a selection of guitar-building templates and jigs.  Mike’s customers range from hobbyists just getting started, all the way to professional builders interested in streamlining their process.  While Mike’s main focus is building guitars, this offshoot has allowed him to offer support to the guitar building community that he wishes was available when he was starting out.

Learn more by exploring potvinguitars.com or by contacting Mike.