Hey Mike! Can you make a custom super long, 5" wide (9 string), 37" radius sanding block? Sure, I can do that. I went with a glue-up of Baltic birch plywood for stability. I think this might be my ... See more


** EDIT: My minions appear to have solved the problem. Carry on. **
If you're shopping for templates, the online store is having a bad hair day. My minions are hard at work on the problem. If ... See more


Making lefty templates hurts my brain only slightly less than making lefty guitars. That is all. #luthierguy


Weekend Adventures of #LuthierGuy. I've been putting off some much-needed shop expansion because things have sped up considerably during the pandemic (huge Thank-You to everyone who's ordered a ... See more


Critical shop equipment failure. NoooooOOOOOOoooooooo!


I love the smell of acrylic in the morning... said no one ever. #luthierguy #monday


Saturday Morning Confession: I'm not a make-stuff-from-pallets kind of guy. Most of the deliveries I get have pallets that are one step removed from firewood. This brand spankin' new pallet that ... See more


The Adventures of Luthier Guy (Episode 129): I needed to make a bunch of switch cavity covers. I tore the place apart looking for the jig I needed. I was just about to make a new jig when I found ... See more


I spend waaay too much time obsessing over the details of my guitar builds. I also spend a crazy amount of time on the details of my templates so you can obsess over details on YOUR guitar builds ... See more