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Life, the Universe and Guitar Building Templates

If you’re going to build a great guitar, you need great tools.  All my guitar building templates are either 1/2″ or 3/4″ MDF, with engraved center lines.  For full template sets, I chose 1/2″ MDF as a good balance between extra thickness (say no to 1/4″ templates!) and shipping weight.  “But Mike” you say, “there are lots of templates with center lines and stuff on the eBay.  Why should I buy yours?”.  I’m glad you asked…

Why Buy Router Templates From Potvin Guitars?

So you’ve decided to build your own guitar. Where do you start? Lets face it, there are lots of places you can buy guitar building templates these days. Wouldn’t it be smarter to buy them from a guy who builds guitars for a living?  A guy who knows where all the other templates are going to let you down, and made sure his templates are going to get the job done? Why do hobby builders and professional luthiers choose these templates over the ones you can find elsewhere?  I’ll let them tell you in their own words:

“These templates are THE BEST on the Market today – period. Give them a try – you will NOT be disappointed !!!”
– Van Flowers, Phat Guitars

“Top quality templates guys and gals. Love my set!”
– Paul S [’58 Explorer]

I have a set of each [’62 Strat / Tele]. These are top notch templates!”
– John Palir, Palir Guitars

“To say I am pleased with my new templates is an understatement!!! I got them today and I am a very happy boy. I cant get over the thickness and detail in the templates. I would highly recommend your product to anybody who is interested in purchasing a set of templates. Mike…..You Rock!!!”
– Cam A [’62 Strat]

“Got my Floyd templates and they’re awesome!”
– Miguel R [Recessed Floyd Rose]

What If I Need Help?

If you have any questions about using the templates, just email!  Now if you ask a million questions about general guitar building, I’m going to politely say “ahem, have I mentioned that I also offer one-on-one Skype calls where you get to ask me all the burning guitar building questions you have?“.   Then I’ll tell you to contact me for rates and availability.

How to Buy Potvin Guitar Building Templates

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