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Eric King

Eric King

Company Name?

Red Hand Custom Guitars

When did you start building?

Officially? 2019 – My first was built in 2012.

Eric King: Telecaster
Eric King: Telecaster

Do you build as a hobby or professionally?


Part-time, or full-time?

Part-Time (it doesn’t pay the bills yet).

How did you learn to build guitars?

I’ve been working in the music business since 1994 and worked for several shops along the way. I picked up the skills working alongside seasoned professionals.

What’s your favorite part of guitar building?

That satisfying feeling when doing the final buff on the finish just before putting it all together. …and attaching binding.

What’s your least favorite part?

Level sanding the finish…sanding in general.

Is there a guitar-building skill you want to improve?

I need to get better at being patient. Not to rush any part.

What was your most recent build?

A one-piece Swamp Ash Telecaster with an aged VOS clear finish.

What are you planning to build next?

I’m currently in the middle of a “Gold Top” Special.

Eric King: LP-Mashup
Eric King: LP-Mashup

Favorite tools?

Grizzly G0555XH Extreme Series Band Saw & FesTool Palm Sander.

What Potvin templates do you use?

I have several…lots of them! I use them all. (T-Style, LP Mashup, SGV …)

What was your building experience like before using Potvin Templates?

My experience level was that of a novice before using the templates. The templates helped me better understand the process. Now I feel more confident and experienced.

How have Potvin Templates helped you in your builds?

They’ve allowed me to be more consistent with my builds as well as reducing build times.

Are you a better builder or player?

Definitely a better builder!!!

What’s your favorite band, or style of music?

Son Volt.

Eric King: SGV
Eric King: SGV

Got any non-guitar hobbies?

Collecting whiskey…that too, gets expensive!

Anything else you want us to know?

Don’t let mistakes and setbacks spoil your ambitions. I’ve had more failure than success, and have still managed to be successful!

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